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Kerr Wows To Put Himself To The Test


The Golden State Warriors have a five-game homestand coming up and their head coach Steve Kerr wants to use that time to test himself, his body and where he stands by working extra hard. After missing the entire 2015-16 campaign so far, he is looking to prove that his body will be able to handle the requirements of his potential return to the bench before this season is over.

To Golden State Warrior’s head coach underwent two surgical procedures on his back during the offseason following the Dubs’ first title after 30 years. The first of these procedures was complicated due to the leaking of spinal fluid. Since then, despite the second surgery, Kerr has been struggling with persistent headaches and additional symptoms that have made it impossible for him to coach his team from the sidelines.

General manager of the Golden State Warriors Bob Myers was talking to ESPN yesterday and he told them that Kerr is planning on being much more active and involved over the aforementioned period the team will remain in Oakland in order to test his own readiness for a potential return to the job full time. Myers added that there was still no date for Kerr’s return.


Also yesterday, Kerr talked to the people from the Bay Area News Group and shared a few things that NBA fans will find quite interesting. Among other things, Kerr said that he strongly believes that he will be back during the regular season, even though he didn’t know when exactly. He added that this upcoming period would be the perfect test for his body and that he will know much better where he stands. In addition to this, Kerr also had words of praise for the interim coach, Luke Walton.

Media also reported from the Warrior’s practice this Tuesday and they talked to a few of the players, as well as Walton. Walton said that he noticed the change in Kerr and that he was acting “more like himself”. Draymond Green shared pretty much the same with the reports, adding that the team could not wait for the head coach to return. He called Kerr “our guy”. We are looking forward to Kerr’s return and we wish him all the best. We just hope he gives his body enough time to heal and does not rush anything.

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