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Kenny Smith Lampoons Lebron’s Dislike Of Sleeved Jerseys


To tell you the truth, we never really got the whole sleeved jerseys thing. They certainly never made much sense performance-wise and it is not like they look so cool that it outweighs their (basically) constricting nature. But for quite some time, everyone has been tolerating them.

Well, things are changing and the first signs of change are coming from the best player in the league, LeBron James himself. Earlier this week, during the Cavs match against the Knicks, LeBron got so frustrated with his sleeved jersey that he tried to rip the sleeves off and free himself.

Last night, on NBA on TNT, Kenny Smith joked about this, ripping the sleeves off of his shirt, making some good-nature fun of King James. LeBron was watching and commented on Twitter. You can check out both the LeBron’s original sleeve ripping and Kenny’s homage below.

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