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Juror Who Is Suspected Patriots Fan Dismissed From Hernandez Trial

Aaron Hernandez Court Appearance

After several delays because of snowy conditions, the Aaron Hernandez murder trial for the death of his friend Odin Lloyd is beginning to take shape. The jury selection is almost completed and names are already starting to come out regarding who will be asked to testify in the case.

It was revealed this week that one juror who was selected for the case is going to be dismissed. According to reports, the woman in question was more of a New England Patriots fan than she had let on about. Hernandez was a star player for the team before investigations regarding the murder began and he was released.

Judge E. Susan Garsh stated that there was evidence presented to the court that this juror talked about the case with people and claimed that there was no way that Hernandez would be convicted if a weapon was not found. It was also uncovered that the woman had attended more Patriots games than she had admitted to, and the court decided that her service would pose a substantial risk to fairness of the case proceedings.

Hernandez could face life in prison if convicted.

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