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JPP’s Injuries Worse Than Reported


Somehow we all suspected this, but now it seems to have been confirmed. According to reports, the hand injuries that New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered from his fireworks-related accident on the Fourth of July are worse than the organization thought.

This could explain why JPP was so hesitant to have Giants doctors look at his hand and why he avoided all contact with the team for two months. We already know that Pierre-Paul suffered some broken bones, had to have a skin graft and his index finger was amputated. However, the newest reports are saying that he has lost the top part of his right thumb as well.

JPP seems to be in high spirits though and is trying to make his comeback as soon as possible. He posted video of himself working out in Florida. But no one, not even him or the Giants have any kind of time-table for the defensive star’s return right now.

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