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John Elway Would Like To Thank…Himself?


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John Elway is certainly a man with a lot on his mind. His team just got tossed out of the playoffs, his head coach decided to leave the organization, and he’s not sure whether his star quarterback will be returning or retiring next season.

So, it’s no wonder that he looked a little bit confused and stress holding a press conference after the Bronco’s playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Starting off the presser, he wanted to thank his now departed head coach John Fox for everything that he has done for the organization over the last four years. But instead, he thanked John Elway. Yes, that’s right – he thanked himself. Elway noticed right away what he had said and immediately changed his statement and thanked Fox, but it’s still a funny slip of the tongue.

Sure, he’s done a lot for the organization and the Broncos have reason to be thankful for him, but there’s no way that the Hall of Fame quarterback is that conceited.

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