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Jets Receiver Asks Fans Question On Twitter, Hilarity Ensues


Wide receiver Eric Decker has only been in New York for one season and isn’t really used to the New York mentality just yet.

He was offering a signed prize to fans on Twitter, telling them to say why they love the Jets and to tag the tweet #jetsdiehardfan. The fans responded, but not the way Decker expected.

Of course, fans are not too happy about the 1-7 start of the Jets this season, or the fact that they have no one a Super Bowl in ages, so the sarcasm should have been expected. Needless to say, some of the tweets were hilarious.

Here are some of the best answers from fans on why they love the Jets:

  • “Because I’m a masochist and enjoy the weekly abuse.”
  • “Because my birthday is always near the Super Bowl so I know I’ll always be free that night. “
  • “Because once a year I get to visit my father’s grave to let him know we still haven’t won a SB.”
  •  “Because it’s easier to sit through 16 games of this than 162 games of the Mets.”

Welcome to New York City, Eric!

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