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Jets Coach Defense Defensive Coordinator From Allegations


New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan kicked off a news conference after a recent training camp practice defending his coordinator, who has been in the news recently.

Namely, the Jets Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman has been accused of slapping a 28 year-old woman in the face after she rejected his advances at a local restaurant.

Ryan said that the Dennis Thurman he knows would never hit anyone, much less a woman. The woman filed a complaint recently against Thurman, who is 58 years old. However, Thurman was not charged with anything and according to the police, the investigation is over. The complaint was filed to police in Morristown, New Jersey.

The NFL will be looking into the allegations as well. According to league rules, if the NFL finds anything in the investigation that incriminates the coach, the league can fine or discipline him, even if no formal charges were pressed or filed.

Ryan said that he has known Thurman for 15 years and that he is a very good friend. He said that Thurman is a great person and that everyone who knows Thurman describes him in the same positive way.

It does not seem as if the Jets will be disciplining the coach either. The team stated that no charges have been filed and that they will continue to monitor the situation.

The incident occurred at an outdoor bar in Morristown. According to reports, Thurman tried to buy the woman a drink. There were photos that were leaked from the altercation, and one photo shows the woman making an obscene gesture to Thurman as she is leaving. According to the police reports, she called and told police that she had been slapped in the face after coming home.

The police report stated that Thurman was aggressive towards her and several other women in the bar and that he slapped her in the face out of nowhere and left. A manager at the bar said that none of the staff or people in the vicinity of the bar saw the slap, adding that the allegations are false based on what witnesses saw and reported.

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