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Jerry Rice Files: 15 Things You Didn’t Know


7. Favorite place to eat

Want to find him when he’s in the city of San Francisco? His favorite place to eat is the Crustacean Restaurant off of California Street, so that’s your best bet.

Did you know that Rice is a huge fan of Asian cuisine? When asked by the fans to reveal his favorite food joint in San Francisco, he said without a doubt, “Oh I LOVE San Francisco! I have so many places that I love to eat but my favorite place is Crustacean Restaurant off California Street. They have great food!”

Crustacean is a type of a restaurant similar to its sister restaurant Thanh Long, and specializes in two dishes, roasted crab, and garlic noodles.

If you decide to look up Rice when in San Francisco and take him out to dinner, do not forget to order these tasty dishes.

Jerry always likes to eat healthy, but that does not mean that he is not eating tasty food either. The restaurant’s approach is based on the principles of Eastern medicine, rich in anti-oxidants and healthy herbs. Rice is still very concerned about his health today, even though his playing days are long over. And it shows in his appearance.

Crustacean Restaurant prefers practicing the “Yin and Yang of Cooking,” and with this philosophy in mind, they make the healthiest food from the East.

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