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Jerry Rice Files: 15 Things You Didn’t Know


6. Heisman Trophy

Despite shattering the NCAA record books in 1984, he came in a distant 9th in the voting for the Heisman Trophy.

Getting a Heisman represents the most distinguished football award for college football players. The Heisman is awarded annually to the most outstanding player of the college season.

They awarded the first Heisman back in 1935, for the “most valuable football player in the East” and it’s still the given out as a recognition of the top college sportsmen in the country.

Unfortunately, Jerry Rice never won the award, despite his fantastic college play. Instead of Rice getting the award his senior year, it was rewarded to quarterback Doug Flutie, who would go on to have a great NFL career, but certainly, not as good as Rice would have.

In 1984, Doug Flutie became a proud winner of Heisman. He completed 233 of 386 passes for 3,454 yards and 27 touchdowns in his final college season. One of the deciding factors was his play in the game against a Bernie Kosar-led Miami, which is still considered today as one of the greatest individual performances in college football history.

Flutie snatched the Heisman and made it to the NFL, after which he had a few great years in the as a professional. However, there were many players from the class of 1984 that had better careers than Flutie when all was said and done, and one of them was Jerry Rice, who finished 9th in the Heisman trophy vote.

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