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Jarryd Hayne Destroys Lowell Rose [VIDEO]


Jarryd Hayne was not supposed to be the player he is turning out to be. Pretty much everyone was rather dismissive of a guy who spent years playing in the Australian Rugby League. These days, however, he is the talk of the league and the San Francisco 49ers are rubbing their hands with glee at what Jarryd’s been doing in the preseason.

Yesterday, the 49ers played San Diego Chargers and Hayne was making his presence known throughout the game. He filled a number of roles and he was more than satisfactory in all of them. The highlight of the game, however, came in the 3rd quarter when Hayne went on a run down the right sideline. And what a run it was! The ending was particularly brutal.

Lowell Rose, the Chargers cornerback thought he had him, but with a sly and forceful move, Hayne knocked him off his feet seemingly without even noticing the impact. It almost looked like CGI. You just cannot stop watching it.

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