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Jaromir Jagr Cannot Be Blackmailed


Jaromir Jagr is a one-in-a-million kind of guy in more ways than one. He is not just one of the greatest European players ever to put on skates for an NHL team but also one of the most durable hockey players of all time.

He was drafted in 1990. In 1990! In case you suck at math; that was 25 years ago. And he still plays. And scores. He’s also been a fan favorite for his off-ice behavior and just being this super cool Czech dude. After the news that just broke the internet for hockey fans, Jaromir is going to become an even greater legend.

Namely, he seems to have been blackmailed by someone who intended to share a pic of him and a barely legal model. Right now, some are saying that the girl herself tried to blackmail him while others are saying it was some website or something like that. In any case, Jaromir does not care. He told them (her) to do whatever they want with the pic.

And why would he care? He is single and sleeping in bed next to a sexy model who is less than half his age. In fact, it is her who might get in trouble since she is allegedly in a relationship with a young hockey player from the Czech republic. Who was born in 1996.

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