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Is This The End For Derrick Rose?

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News came in on Tuesday night that the Derrick Rose will have to have another surgery performed on his knee, leaving fans to wonder if he will ever be able to come back completely healthy and return to his MVP form.

There was no gruesome on-court scene this time, like when he first tore his ACL. According to reports from Chicago, Rose was feeling pain and discomfort in his knee this week. He went in for an MRI and it was discovered that he had torn his medial meniscus in his right knee and will have to go under the knife once again.

Most NBA analysts believe that this injury has effectively taken Chicago out of the equation in terms of their ability to reach the NBA Finals this year.

Even if his knee does heal completely, the question is whether Rose will have the mental toughness to be able to overcome the fear of another injury and perform at a high level ever again.

Sure, he has fought this battle and returned twice before, but the question is whether his knee, and his mind, are strong enough to go through this process once again.

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