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On Monday night, nine NBA games were played and pretty much all of them lived up to the expectations. It was a crazy night where a lot happened, but where, for the most part, the favorites justified their roles.

The first game of the night was played in Charlotte, where the home Hornets hosted the Detroit Pistons. It was supposed to be a close game between two surprisingly good East Conference teams but in the end, it turned out to be a blowout. The Hornets played smart, got Andre Drummond in foul trouble early and prevailed 104-84.

The San Antonio Spurs went to Philadelphia to play the 76ers and the game turned out exactly as everyone expected. The Spurs steamrolled the Sixers, beating them 119-68. That’s a 51-point differential, in case you were wondering. The best part of the game was a double pass-fake by the Spurs’ backup center Boban Marjanovic who made a fool of Jahlil Okafor, third pick at this year’s NBA Draft.

The Washington Wizards were in Florida, taking on the home Miami Heat. The game was close up until the last few minutes when a controversial play tipped the scales in the favor of the Wizards. Chris Bosh was so annoyed by the officials’ (bad) call that he ended up ejected from the game.

In NYC, the home Knicks hosted the Dallas Mavericks and the game turned into a Nowitzki-Porzingis Euro-duel. Two European big men went at each other, but in the end, the veteran prevailed, leading his team to a 104-97 victory.

In Toronto, the Lakers lost (what else is new?) against the home Raptors despite Kobe Bryant‘s decent game, one of the best this season. The Phoenix Suns won in Chicago, beating the Bulls 103-101. Mirza Teletovic had the winning shot after grabbing an offensive rebound like a boss.

In Milwaukee, the home Bucks managed to outlast the Portland Trailblazers, with a Greg Monroe layup and a fantastic block by Hanson in the last second of the game. The Boston Celtics were in New Orleans where they beat the Pelicans 111-93. The game was never close and at one point, home coach Alvin Gentry took out the entire starting 5 and replaced them with bench players.

The Minnesota Timberwolves hosted the Los Angeles Clippers and it was a great, tight game that took everything out of the Clips to take home the win 110-106. The best moment of the game came on a Wolves fastbreak when Kevin Garnet turned the clock back at least a decade for a monster poster dunk on Blake Griffin.

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