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Houston Star J.J. Watt Helps Fan Get Out Of Work

Houston Texans fan Ashlee Sanchez had just landed a new job. However, she had purchased tickets a while ago for Texans star J.J. Watt’s annual charity softball game and could not take time off to attend it.

Watt wasn’t having it, so he decided to pen a letter to Sanchez’s boss asking him to give her time off to attend the event. And it worked!

Sanchez, who works in Brownsville, was planning to drive five hours to Sugar Land, Texas to attend the event, but was afraid to ask for time off, because she had just started her new job.

However, her boss was convinced by the star defensive player to let Sanchez take a day off. Her boss the penned a letter to Watt, letting him know that it was fine for Sanchez to take the day off, since his company encourages their employees working with the community and giving to charity.

Way to go, J.J.!

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