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Hall Of Shame: 11 NFL Players Who Went To Jail


As many sports fans know, not all athletes are fit to be idols for the youth. And no matter how good they are on the field, professional athletes have a proven track record of sometimes not being as great off the field.

NFL players in particular are often accused and convicted of crimes off the field, which doesn’t surprise many, given the fact that it’s one of the most violent sports. Here are 11 cases of NFL players who ended up going to prison.

1. Von Miller – Denver Broncos

Von Miller is a great linebacker, but he obviously has something against driving legally. Most of his arrests came about while he was driving and he just could not seem to shake that problem. On the field, he was an exemplary player. He was an All-American twice while playing college ball at Texas A&M and was taken by the Denver Broncos in the draft. He continued to have success on the field as a professional, making the Pro-Bowl twice. But around 2012, he started having problems with the law.

He was stopped by cops while driving really close to his home. According to the police, he did not have a valid license or proof of insurance, and he was also driving carelessly at the time. He could have just gone to court and got it over with, but he decided to ignore the ticket. So in 2013, he was arrested again for failing to appear in court. In the same month, he was arrested while trying to buy a gun in a Colorado gun store, all because of that outstanding ticket that he had.

And then in 2013, he was taken arrested for speeding and driving with a suspended license.

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  • JBQ21

    11 football players of which 9 are black. One is a gang member Hispanic with multiple murder charges. The only white was for a switchblade and I’m betting that it was really a nail clipper.

    • al

      I bet you are white as well!!! Plus the nfl is 90 percent minority.

    • I don’t know where you’re going with this.

  • lessismore

    If Rae Carruth had access to the Internet I think he would be screaming at this list wondering – what about me?

  • unclesamonmars

    The link that brought me here said “8 NFL players you didn’t know were in jail”. Really? At least one guy never went and OJ is on the list. I didn’t know about OJ? Right.

  • Joseph Smith

    Now paging Ryan Leaf. That said this list could be much, much longer… and a switchblade to the airport on accident, does that really qualify?

    • Don Knecht

      No kidding, right? Everyone knows of O.J. being in jail, fewer know of Ryan Leaf and his troubles. Plus, the guy arrested with firearm charges? What he did is legal in over three-fourths of the states.

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