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Gronk Is Still A Kid At Heart


We all know that the New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski can be a little immature at times. He likes to party and have fun, and he doesn’t hide it. He’s basically a kid trapped in a terrifyingly large and muscular man’s body.

Tom Brady’s number one receiver showed that side of himself in a new ad that he stars in for Foot Locker. In the commercial, Gronk is signing autographs for some kids and when the children ask him if he wants to go out, Gronk says that unfortunately, he has some grown up stuff to do instead.

He then goes to his room and proceeds to play video games and drink chocolate milk in room that looks like it was decorated for a 12 year old box, surrounded by empty pizza boxes.

There’s only one thing that can get Gronk out of the room – the ice cream man. He hears the ice cream man and runs out onto the street and proceeds chasing him like he’s a defender that has just intercepted a Brady pass.

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