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Green Bay Quarterback Owns At Celebrity Jeopardy


If you are not a Green Bay Packers fan, then you probably really hate Aaron Rodgers. Not only is he arguably the best quarterback in the entire NFL, he is also going out with sexy actress Olivia Munn.

And now on top of that, he’s really freaking smart as well. The 31-year-old was a guest on Celebrity Jeopardy this week and completely ran away with the win. He took on astronaut Mark Kelly and Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, and neither of them stood a chance.

Yes, Rodgers completely crushed an astronaut in Jeopardy. Rodgers ended up winning the quiz show easily with a score of $8,399. That equates to a total of $50,000 going to Rodgers’ charity of choice, the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer organization.

Jeopardy show host Alex Trebek even knows very well who Rodgers is, and pulled out the famed “Discount Double Check” celebration that Rodgers made famous in the ads he did as the official spokesperson of State Farm.

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