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Golfer Bitten By Crocodile


Remember in “Happy Gilmore” when Adam Sandler’s hockey-player-turned-golfer character beat the crap out of a crocodile that stole his ball? Well, the battle did not end that well for a man in Australia.

The 70-year-old tourist was golfing at an Australian resort.

According to police reports, the man’s ball had sailed close to a small body of water where the crocodile was hanging out. When the man went to retrieve his ball, he apparently angered and disturbed the reptile with his presence.

In response, the crocodile scrambled out of the water and bit the man in the leg.

We was immediately taken to a hospital where he is currently in stable condition. Police say that even when crocodile bites are not that severe, there is always a chance that they can become infected, which is what doctors are trying to prevent from happening in this case.

However, the Australian Department of Environment and Heritage Protection stated that crocodiles interacting with people is quite rare, even if they are plentiful on many golf courses in the country’s more tropic regions.

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