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Golden State Warriors Demolish San Antonio Spurs


To say that this was the most-anticipated game of the NBA season so far would be a huge understatement. The Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs have obviously been the best teams in the league this year and it wasn’t even close. Last night, they played in Oakland and most of us expected a close, hard-fought game. We didn’t get it. We simply got another insight into just how good the Warriors are this year, as they pummeled the Spurs 120-90.

The Tim Duncan-less Spurs hung around for just a single quarter, trailing the Warriors by “only” 6 after the first twelve minutes. In the second quarter, the reigning champs turned it up and they won it by 9, pushing their lead to +15. The third quarter was total carnage, with the Dubz extending their lead by almost double and the fourth quarter was just wrapping things up. The final score, once again, was 120-90 and it was one of the worst defeats the Spurs have been handed since Duncan was drafted back in 1997.

The game was pitting the league’s best offense (GSW) against the league’s best defense (SAS) and there were actually people who thought the Spurs might actually take this one and break the Warrior’s undefeated homestand streak of 38 wins. In the end, they were no match for the home team which was fired up from the start. Steph Curry led the way with 37 points off of just 20 shots and Draymond Green did his standard “a bit of everything” thing.

And while the Spurs defense was uncharacteristically sucky, it is not as if their offense was much better. Only three players scored in the double digits – Leonard, Butler and Marjanovic. In addition to this, they turned over the ball 25 times, the most this season and by a wide margin. Nothing was clicking for the visiting team and they stood no chance against the champs.

After the game, it is becoming glaringly obvious that the Warriors might simply waltz their way to another title this year. They are playing on a completely different level this year. That being said, you can never write off San Antonio, especially since The Big Fundamental will probably be playing if the two teams meet in the Playoffs. Also we wouldn’t put it past Gregg Popovich to actually throw this game and lull the Warriors so that he can take them on when it really matters.

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