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Future NFL Stars Give Us An Insane National Signing Day


College football is by far the most intense and popular college sport in the country and National Signing Day is always a treat, providing controversies, unexpected signings and whole lot of crazy moments that usher in a whole new generation of future NFL stars. This year was no different. It was a wild day indeed.

Over the years, the prospects have used all kinds of insane ways of announcing their decisions, but yesterday, Deontay Anderson quite literally took it to a whole new level. The number 2 safety prospect this year did it midair as he jumped from a plane and announced his decision to sign with the University of Mississippi on his way down. The Ole Miss College football program must be thankful that nothing wrong went with his announcement.

The most sought-after recruit this year, Rashan Gary signed with the University of Michigan and there was no shortage of weird moments there, either. For one, the Signing of the Stars event in Ann Arbor feature no other than Migos who were joined on the podium by the legendary MLB manager Jim Leyland who did a bit of dabbing with them. He was not the only one, as Lou Holtz did the same.

Mecole Hardman Jr. was also one of the most alluring prospects this year and he did a fantastic fake with cake (it even rhymes). At his commitment event, six cakes presented different colleges, indicating that he would probably choose one of them. To everyone’s surprise, his home state University of Georgia was not among them. As tensions were mounting, Mecole came out, wearing the Bulldogs hat and everything was good in the state of Georgia.

Brandon Jones, the best-rated safety in the country narrowed down his choice to Baylor, Texas A & M and Texas. The TexAgs (from A &M) even made a documentary about his journey so far, but the movie ended up being a tragedy for their fans. In a twist worthy of Hollywood’s greatest thrillers, Brandon made the documentary legendary by announcing his decision to go with the University of Texas.

Even Snoop Dogg got involved, doing his part to land one of the finest cornerbacks in the country, Jack Jones for USC, whose program has long been the rapper’s favorite. This put an end to a one-year switch that Snoop did when his son signed for the UCLA (he would quit the UCLA before the season even started). Like we said, it was a crazy day.

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