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Fred Jackson Crashes Car While Racing Marshawn Lynch

Top athletes being dumb with their cars is nothing new. In fact, if they all of a sudden stopped doing stupid stuff with their cars, the manufacturers of luxury and high-performance cars would probably see their profits halve.

The latest piece of news concerning top athletes being dumb in cars involves two Seattle Seahawks players – Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. Namely, according to the witnesses, the two players engaged in a drag race near the training facility just outside of Seattle, following a practice.

Fred Jackson got the worse deal as he apparently lost control of his car, crashing into a planter box and a stop sign. Jackson was taken back to the training facility while Lynch drove away.

The latest development in the whole story is the statement from the law enforcement officer who said that there was no proof of a drag race happening, but according to people who were there, it was definitely a drag race, with both players driving like crazy.

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