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Four Games Of Pure Drama Went Down In The NBA Yesterday

Only four games were played in the NBA yesterday, but man were those games heated and exciting. So many storylines unfolded and so much weird stuff happened that we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. But, let’s start from the top.

The first game of the night went down in Atlanta, where the Hawks were hosting the New York Knicks who have been rolling for some time now. Still, most people expected the Hawks to win this one. Well, they were wrong. The Knicks haven’t lost a game this season when both Carmelo Anthony and Aaron Afflalo scored over 15 and last night was no different. The duo was leading the Knicks who controlled the game for the most part.

However, near the end of the game, the Hawks went on a run that cut one 16-point lead to only two. If not for Jose Calderon’s timely drive, this game might just have gone into overtime. The most intense part of the game came in the fourth quarter with less than two minutes remaining in the game. While battling for a rebound, Kristaps Porzingis and Kent Bazemore got tangled and had an altercation with neither player backing down. They both earned technical fouls.

Perhaps the least eventful game of the night was played in Chicago where the Bulls hosted the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bulls had won four games in a row and were looking to win their fifth straight. Thanks to amazing performances from Jimmy Buttler and Pau Gasol, they managed to do it. The Bucks lost 117-106. Jabari Parker played his first NBA game in his hometown and his parents were there to watch him. He finished with 11 points and 7 rebounds in the loss.

The most exciting game was played in Dallas with Sacramento Kings coming to town to take on the home Mavericks. The game went to double overtime with teams exchanging blows throughout the regulation time and both overtimes. It was actually the Kings who dominated the second overtime for the majority of it before the Mavs woke up and scored some timely threes. In the end, it was Deron Williams who scored the game-winning three. The end result was 117-116.

The insanely good Golden State Warriors were in Los Angeles, playing the abominable Lakers and the game wasn’t close at any point. Stephen Curry had to leave the game after re-injuring his leg, but fortunately for the Dubs’ fans, they had Klay Thompson to take over and lead their team to another convincing win, 109-88. The best moment of the game was undoubtedly a moment that got caught on camera of a Lakers fan literally jumping bandwagons in the middle of the game.

Man, the Lakers have the worst fans ever.

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