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Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Gets Banned From County Fair


Gilbert Arenas has not been in the NBA since 2012, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t shoot anymore. He proved that he still has it by attending the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California this weekend and winning a ridiculous amount of prizes.

He absolutely crushed the basketball hoops at the fair and ended up being banned from the game after depleting just about every hoops stand of all its stuffed animals. Sure, Arenas has four children, but he won enough prizes that day to open up his own stuffed animal store.

According to reports from the fair, Arenas also brought back his old catchphrase “Hibachi!” that he kept yelling as he let his shots fly. There’s a good chance that after seeing this, every single county fair in America is going to have his picture posted at the entrance with employees being instructed not to let him in.

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