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Former Lakers Teammates Reportedly Got Into Fight Over Woman


Memphis Grizzlies player Matt Barnes and his wife Gloria Govan are currently in the process of getting a divorce, but technically, they are still married.

So when he heard that his former Lakers teammate and current New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher was seeing Govan, he wasn’t too happy about it. According to the report, Fisher was hanging out with Govan at Barnes’ Los Angeles home with about ten other people.

Barnes heard about it, got enraged, and drove all the way from Santa Barbara, where the Grizzlies training camp is taking place, to confront Fisher. The report claims that the two got into an altercation and that Fisher left with a few scratches on his face.

Apparently, Fisher has been seeing Govan for a few months now, but he might have crossed the line by doing it at Barnes’ home. Neither Barnes nor Fisher wanted to comment on the alleged reports.

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