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Floyd Mayweather Pays A Grand Per Plate For Food


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is taking his preparation for the May 2 fight against Manny Pacquiao very seriously. You’ve probably already seen him training out in nature like Sylvester Stallone did when preparing to fight Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

But that’s not the half of it. Not only is he taking his training to a new level, he’s also taking his nutrition very seriously. According to the champion boxer, he is currently paying a chef to prepare all of his meals heading into a fight, adding that the food costs him $1,000 per plate.

His personal chef, Chef Q, is preparing special and very particular meals for him, that include a lot of protein and juice, but no carbohydrates.

It seems that Mayweather is more serious than ever about retaining his undefeated record and title, even though most people say that the fight against Pacquiao is coming five years to late and that it would have been a much more interesting fight when both were in their primes.

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