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Fernando Alonso Stays At Ferrari


As exclusively reported by Sky Sports, Fernando Alonso will stay with Ferrari next year.

The Spaniard is still regarded as the best driver in F1, but he has also presented himself as a frustrated figure in 2014 with Ferrari unable to keep pace with leaders Mercedes.

Alonso told Sky Sports News HQ’s Rachel Brookes in an exclusive interview ahead of Italian GP:

“Our season has been frustrating because we had high hopes with this year’s new regulations and starting from zero with all the other teams we thought we could have an advantage with all our facilities and input from everybody. But we have found ourselves not in the right position and not competitive. We are further away from the leaders than during any other season this year, we are sometimes one-and-a-half seconds away from Mercedes.

It’s not my intention at the moment to move, I want to win here and finish the job that we started some years ago and we will see what the future comes. There has been a lot of talk since last summer but from my mouth there never came any interest to leave Ferrari or any words saying l would join another team. There was a lot of speculation, which is not disturbing but it created a little bit of tension and stress. Yet you also feel happy and proud that the best teams have an interest in you and say so in public.”

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