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Even Hockey Broadcasters Are Tougher Than Everyone Else


Everyone already knows that hockey players are easily the toughest and most rugged athletes on the planet. It’s never a surprise when a hockey players gets his nose broken and plays the next shift unphased. You’ve also seen hockey players go and get stitches time and time and get back into the game immediately.

NBC hockey broadcaster Brian Engblom is a former player, and injuries are nothing new to him. So it wasn’t surprising when he got a puck to the forehead while working the San Jose Sharks – Pittsburgh Penguins game and came back to complete the game.

Engblom simply went to the locker room, got some stitches in his forehead, and went back to work. No big deal. Thankfully the injury was not as serious as it could have been, but still, you need to pay respect to Engblom and the toughness that he showed coming back to the ice to continue his game analysis without skipping a beat.

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