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ESPN Reporter’s Tantrum Caught on Video


A video has recently surfaced of ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry being not very friendly at all when speaking to a worker of a tow truck company in Arilington, Virginia.

Apparently, the confrontation occurred earlier this month when McHenry was visiting a local Chinese restaurant in the Arlington area. Her car was towed from the restaurant parking area and taken to a lot.

This is where the uncovered video footage came from. Apparently, McHenry was very upset by the towing and then began to berate the cashier at the towing company. McHenry mocked the employee, making fun of her weight and assuming that she was uneducated and inferior to McHenry because of her station in life.

ESPN became aware of the incident as soon as the video leaked and said that they were investigating the issue. The investigation did not take too long, since everything was pretty clear from the video. The sports broadcaster has announced that McHenry has been suspended effective immediately and that she will be off the air for a whole week because of the incident.

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