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Eagles Siding Against Philly Native Meek Mill In Rap Beef?


It’s been a general consensus for the most part that Meek Mill has already lost his rap battle against Drake, but this seems to be the nail in the coffin. Some fans who were in the crowd for a Philadelphia Eagles practice noticed that the team was playing Drake’s diss against Meek Mill at the practice.

Meek, of course, is a Philadelphia native, so the fact that not even the players who play for his city are siding with him in the beef says a lot. It looks like it’s time to just take the “L” and move on, Milly.

The feud started when Meek Mill accused the Toronto rapper Drake of not writing all of his rhymes. After this, Drake released two diss tracks that have been getting regular rotation, while Meek released only one days later that most fans assessed as being a fairly lukewarm rebuttal.

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