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Dwight Howard Brings Loaded Gun To Airport


Dwight Howard almost got into a whole lot of trouble on Thursday as he was packing heat while trying to get on a plane at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Howard forgot that he had a Glock 26 in his carry-on bag and it was actually discovered by a TSA agent.

The weird thing? The Rockets center was allowed to simply give the gun to a friend of his who was not boarding the plane. And that was that. He boarded the plane sometime later.

Dwight was lucky to get off scot free for a number of reasons. The first one of these is that all of this happened in Texas where they just passed a legislation where a person who forgets the gun in their carry-on luggage can simply give it to someone who is not boarding a plane without any consequences.

How they think to differentiate between people who forgot they have a gun and people who “forgot” they have a gun is beyond us, but that is a whole separate issue. Dwight was also lucky enough to be searched by an agent who was so obviously a fan and who made a judgment call which enabled the famous center to get on board without any troubles.

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