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Durant To Miss Start Of NBA Season With Broken Foot

The Oklahoma Thunder were dealt a huge blow this weekend when their star player Kevin Durant broke his foot recently.

Durant, who is the leading scorer in the NBA of the past decade and the Thunder’s leader, noticed that he was having pains in his foot at practice on Saturday.

After getting the foot looked at, test showed that he has what is referred to as a “Jones fracture.” He has a broken bone at the base of his small toe, according to the Thunder’s medical staff.

The team’s general manager said that Durant will likely have to go under the knife to fix this problem, and that he is expected to miss in between six and eight weeks.

According to that time line, the league’s best scorer could be back at the beginning of December, which would mean that he would have in between 60 and 70 regular season games left to play with the team in an effort to make a bid for the playoffs.

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