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Dolphins To Install Stadium “Living Rooms”

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins

Remember when the Jacksonville Jaguars installed pools at their stadiums and everyone though that it was ridiculous? Well the Miami Dolphins are trying to make the stadium experience feel even more like home.

According to the organization, the NFL team will be removing seats from the south side of the Sun Life Stadium and installing 32 “living rooms.”

The renovation plan is set to cost $400 million. So what are these living rooms? Each area will seat four people and will include recliners, gadgets like iPads and options to either have one 32 inch television set or four 24 inch ones.

According to team ownership, this would give an option to people who want the treatment of luxury seats, but would rather be right in the thick of things and cheering in the stands with the fans instead of being encased in a glass box atop the stadium with the suits.

So not only can you watch the game from some nice seats, you will get to sit in a comfy recliner, get all of the replays broadcast to your television, and even watch NFL RedZone on television so that you can check out other games while your live game is in a time out or if it becomes boring. Not bad.

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