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Dolphins Cornerback’s Wife Headbutts Police Officer


It simply was not a good day for Miami Dolphins star cornerback Brent Grimes. Not only did his team get manhandled by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, losing 41-14, but his wife got arrested at the stadium as well.

According to a local Miami newspaper, his wife Miko was arrested on charges of physically attacking a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrested violently. Apparently, Miko broke through a police barricade and walked into a restricted area.

When they told her that she had to leave, she ended up headbutting an officer and screaming obscenities at all of the security staff. There is a video making the rounds as well of Mrs.

Grimes being restrained by police officers in the Sun Life Stadium parking lot. Miko has demonstrated erratic behavior in the past as well. She is well known for going off on Twitter rants against the NFL.

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