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Do The Golden State Warriors Have The Hottest Fans?


NBA’s reigning champs, the Golden State Warriors, hosted LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland last night and they gave them another round of some very nasty trumping. Draymond Green led the Warriors with 28 points while everyone else also chipped in. The Cavs’ folded early and by the end, the score was 110-77.

As you might imagine from a game that ended 110-77, there wasn’t much happening towards the end. Which is why the Kentucky Sports Television’s T.J. Beisner was able to notice (and take a pic of) this particular moment.

Since everyone was bored out of their minds watching another game of the Warriors humiliating the Cavs, people jumped on board before you could say“Kevin Love has been underwhelming this series”.

The jokes started pouring in, collected so meticulously in this Elite Daily article ( and they almost saved this very one-sided matchup.

Even Rob Perez put his two cents in.

Not long after, the extremely attractive fans was identified as Roni Rose, an Instagram model by “profession”. Of course, she took advantage of this new-found exposure and she immediately shared her impression of the moment in question.

A photo posted by Roni Rose (@getit_rose) on

As for us, we are just hoping the next two games in Cleveland are at least a bit more interesting and we don’t need stuff like this to keep us awake during the NBA Finals series.


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