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Derrick Rose Makes A Statement Concerning Rape Lawsuit


Last week, the sports world was shook by a news that an unidentified woman accused Chicago Bulls point guard and all-star Derrick Rose of rape. Since the details were sketchy and since no official statement was made, we abstained from any comments. Some of the facts are now definitely clearer and we decided that it is time to run with it.

The still unidentified woman filed a lawsuit last week, accusing Derrick Rose of sexual battery, trespassing, conspiracy to commit rape and battery, gender violence, negligent behavior and a whole series of additional crimes and violations. The woman in question claims that she was involved in a relationship with the popular NBA player in the period between 2010 and 2013 when the event took place.

According to her, she and a friend of her went to Rose’s house where the player and two of his friends (Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton) slipped them drugs in their drinks. They managed to get out of the house. Later that same night, however, Rose and his friends broke into the plaintiff’s home where they assaulted her and raped her.

According to the plaintiff, the reason why she did not come forward with the story earlier was that she did not want to upset the members of her conservative family. Derrick Rose made a statement, proclaiming his innocence and confidence that he will be proven innocent. His team did not want to make any statements until more facts were known. Adidas, who has a deal in place with Rose, announced that their partnership and support of Derrick rose are “unwavering”.

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