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Deflategate: Why The Patriots Needs To Be Punished Severely

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady - Press Conference

It was supposed to be a fun two weeks ahead of the Super Bowl in which analysts were going to talk about the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks and how the stack up against each other. But it’s all about under-inflated balls.

After an investigation confirmed that the New England Patriots were using under-inflated footballs throughout the first half of the AFC title game against the Indianapolis Colts, there is only one question left to tackle. How severe should the punishment be?

Head Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady are denying that they had any knowledge of what was going on. But can you believe them? Remember Spygate? The 2007 scandal in which the Patriots were found guilty of taping the New York Jets defensive coaches to figure out their schemes.

This team does not desire the benefit of the doubt and needs to be punished severely.

Win or lose in the Super Bowl, Belichick needs to be suspended for the full duration of next season, and Brady should miss at least half of the season. It’s time for the NFL to step up and protect the integrity of the sport and the league by punishing known cheaters swiftly and brutally.

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New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Press Conference
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