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DeAngelo Williams Donates 53 Mammograms


DeAngelo Williams who plays running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers announced this month that his organization, The DeAngelo Williams Foundation would provide the funds necessary to purchase 53 mammograms for hospitals in Charlotte, NC and Pittsburgh.

DeAngelo has been in the center of attention these last few days and it has nothing to with his game. Namely, he has been “battling” the NFL decision-makers who have denied his request to wear pink accessories during the entire season and not just October which has been declared Breast Awareness Month by the League.

The decision was explained by Troy Vincent, League’s vice president of football operations who said:

 There is a long-standing policy for all players regarding uniforms that is league-wide for all 32 teams.

The reason why DeAngelo is so involved in this issue is that he lost four aunts to breast cancer, as well as his mom in 2014. It is a disease that has taken away so many loved women in his life and it was DeAngelo who led the push to allow football players to wear pink cleats in October, back in 2009. NFL sure isn’t coming off reasonable here. Petty would be a more suitable adjective, actually.

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