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David Beckham Tells NY Giants Star To “Keep Up Family Name”


Not many NFL players have set the league on fire as quickly as the New York Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Some say that it was the greatest rookie season by a receiver second only to Randy Moss. And his offseason was pretty spectacular as well.

Beckham Jr., who has been seen dunking in basketball pickup games and juggling footballs like a soccer player is one heck of an athlete. He was a top junior soccer player as well and probably would have been able to play professionally had he chosen that path instead of American football.

One of the highlights of his star-studded offseason was that he got to meet European football star David Beckham, who he happens to share a last name with. David was Odell‘s idol growing up and according to the Giant, David Beckham told him to “ keep the legacy going” and “keep up the family name.”

We have a feeling that OBJ will be able to live up to that, no problem.

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