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Danica Patrick Crashes Into Boyfriend’s Car

Irwin Tools Night Race - Practice

First lady of Nascar Danica Patrick crashed into her boyfriend’s car this last Sunday.

This certainly may inspire malicious rumors of lovers’ quarrels, jealousy and revenge but the truth is, in fact, much less juicy.

Patrick and her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., were both in the 400 race and at one point, with some 10 laps to go, Patrick reported on her radio that No. 17 (Stenhouse Jr.) hit her.

Reportedly, she was unaware that he was up there on the track near her and made sure to explain that she had no intention whatsoever of hitting anyone, let alone her own boyfriend, with just ten laps to go.

She went on to say that her spotter took the blame for the incident and that she and Stenhouse Jr. talked it through and were fine. Both cars were damaged, but the racers were able to complete the race – Patrick finished 19th and Stenhouse Jr. was 17th.

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