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Curry Breaks Another Record And Other NBA Stuff That Went Down Yesterday


Six games were played around the NBA last night and five of them were total mayhem, with tons of points being scored and teams running and gunning all night long. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The reigning champs and one of the best teams ever to play the game, the Golden State Warriors, went to Florida to take on the Orlando Magic. It was the 6th game of their 7-game road trip and the Magic were hoping that they would be tired. They weren’t. They came out to play and the worst thing for the Magic was that Steph Curry came out to play, readier than anyone on the floor. And when Curry is ready, you cannot hope for much.

For one, he broke another NBA record by scoring a three in 128th straight game. He made 10 of those last night and he scored 51 on the night. The Magic actually led at the halftime, but the Warriors rolled them out of the building in the second half, grabbing a 130-114 victory.

The Boston Celtics haven’t been playing great since the All-Star break and their coach Brad Stevens told them that the last night’s game was all about pride. The young and always nasty Milwaukee Bucks were coming to Boston and they ended up being on the receiving end of the energized Celts team.

The home team controlled the game from start to end, allowing the visiting team only that much space to show off their youth and athleticism. The Bucks did rally in the 4th quarter, getting within 4 points of the Celtics, but an Isaiah Thomas drive-and-assist to Jay Crowder for three sunk their hopes. The Celtics won the game 112-107.

The Oklahoma City Thunder went to New Orleans to play the Pelicans and they had high hopes of this game. The Pelicans are not having a great season while the Thunder have been playing great and truth be told, they expected a win in Big Easy.


There were a few guys on the Pelicans’ team who had something to say about that. Anthony Davis led his team like the superstar that he is, always being in the right place at the right time with the right move. With a bit of help from Ryan Anderson and Norris Cole, he led the Pelicans to victory over the Thunder 123-119, despite Durant scoring 32 and Westbrook scoring 44.

It wasn’t exactly the battle of the giants last night in Phoenix where the home Suns hosted the Brooklyn Nets. Both these teams are struggling this season (the Suns are in a bona fide freefall) and it is safe to say that it wasn’t the prettiest of games this season. In the end, it was 116-106 for the Nets and thinking back on the game, we really cannot remember how these two teams scored that many points.

The battle for the three bottom spots in the playoffs is heating up in the West and two of the three teams were playing in Portland where the Trail Blazers were hosting the Houston Rockets. The Blazers were up by 15 at the halftime, but the Rockets dominated the second half, the fourth quarter in particular, winning it 33-12 for the final score of 119-105.

This win launched the Rockets in the 8th spot in the Western Conference because in the last game of the night, the Utah Jazz lost at home from the San Antonio Spurs, 96-78. This was the lowest-scoring game for the Jazz this season and it was a pure case of a much better team stifling the other one. It was as if the Jazz players were intimidated by the Spurs. Well, everyone but Derrick Favors who couldn’t do it all by himself. He did try.

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