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Craig Sager Says He’s Got Only 6 Months To Live


In an interview he gave to HBO’s Real Sports, TNT reporter Craig Sager said that the doctors are giving him anywhere between 3 and 6 months to live after his latest visit in his ongoing battle against leukemia.

We are rarely this emotional, but we have to admit that this is choking us up. The man has been part of the NBA (and other sports)  for so many years that very few still remember a time when he was not on the sidelines and his voice did not fill the airwaves.

His broadcasting career began on WXLT, a station in Sarasota, Florida and the highlight of his early career was interviewing Hank Aaron after his 715th home run which broke the record previously held by Babe Ruth. You can spot him easily in the footage of this momentous event thanks to his long white overcoat.

He joined CNN in 1981 and from there on, he was on Ted’s payroll, covering all kinds of sporting events for CNN, TBS and TNT. He did College Football Scoreboard in the early 80s, he covered the Pan American Games, the Goodwill Games and even the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Among other things he also covered curling during the 1992 Winter Olympics.

For most fans, however, Sager has always been an NBA reporter, a man on the sidelines, always ready to jump in and talk to the players and the coaches, lighten up any situation and crack a joke or two. Of course, Sager wouldn’t be Sager without one of his trademark suits that many people believe could only have been imagined during particularly feverish dreams.

One of the best things about Sager is that he always remembers that it is all just a game and that sports should always be fun before anything. He has never considered himself above jokes or reproach and he has reminded many a player and coach that it is just a game and that it is entertainment first and then everything else.

Because of all of this (and more), we are so sad to hear that he is no longer in remission and that he is facing further treatments that must be hellish. We can only stand in his corner and support him as he goes for another round against that horrible disease. Sager, we’re with you!

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