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Could Countries Boycott World Cup?


According to sources throughout the soccer world, there is a good chance that marquee teams are going to boycotting the new World Cup competition.

After numerous scandals, clear cases of bribery, and constant human rights violations were uncovered, FIFA is still unwilling to back down from wanting to allow Qatar to host the World Cup in 2022.

Sources have suggested that England, Germany, and several other European team might be willing to boycott the event in order to show FIFA that the organization has gone too far. While the financial loses of boycotting the greatest sporting event on Earth might be substantial, but sources within the “football” world say that these countries might be willing to risk these monetary loses in order to force FIFA to change their ways.

Such a protest would aim to force FIFA to release an ethics report about the organization, get a new president, and potentially repeal the decision to allow Qatar to host the 2022 Cup.

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