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Colts’ Mathis Suspended for Use of Fertility Drug


The Indianapolis Colts and the NFL have announced that the team’s best defensive player Robert Mathis will be suspended for four games because he violated the NFL’s performance enhancing drug policy.

According to a statement released by Mathis through his agent, the player failed the test because of a fertility drug that he was taking. He said that it is his fault that he did not check with the NFL or the NFL Players Association before starting to take the drug, and added that he should have educated himself better on whether the drug would cause a problem when taking the NFL’s drug test.

Mathis said that he worked hard with the union in order to see if there was a way to avoid the suspension in light of his situation, but it turns out that there was no other way but to suspend him for the first four games of the season.

According to a source close to the player, the drug in question is Clomid. This is a drug that is not approved by the FDA for fertility in males and it is a performance enhancing drug that has been prohibited for many years by the NFL.

Mathis and his wife are expecting a new child this year and already have a set of twins. According to his agent, Mathis has apologized to his coaches, teammates and fans.

Coach Chuck Pagano said that the team is no stranger to adversity and that they are going to pull through. Pagano missed most of the season two years ago when battling cancer.

He said that the team supports Mathis and that he is one of the most important players on the team.

The Colts defense will definitely have a very big hole to fill in the first four weeks of the season without him. Mathis led the entire league last year with 19.5 sacks. He will be eligible to return for the Week 4 game against Tennessee. Unfortunately, he will be missing the season open against rivals Denver. Last year, the Colts upset Denver, and Mathis had a game-changing sack of former Colts quarterback and current Broncos leader Peyton Manning.

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