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Colts’ Luck Has Lacerated Kidney


Indianpolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been having a brutal year injury-wise, and it just keeps getting worse. He has had shoulder problems keep him from playing, and reports say that he even played several games with a few broken ribs.

The latest injury to sideline the star quarterback is a lacerated kidney, which is going to keep him out for in between two and six weeks. The good news for Luck and the Colts is that he does not have to have surgery, which is going to enable him to come back this season. According to Colts coach Chuck Pagano, Luck suffered the injury during Sunday’s win over the Denver Broncos, which was the first loss for Denver this season.

Pagano said that the team is not sure how long Luck will be out for, but he said that doctors will continue to monitor his progress and he is certain that Luck will make a full recovery. Until then, it’s back to backup Matt Hasselbeck, who has actually played very well when the Colts needed him this season.

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