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Coach Kerr Can’t Believe How Good Curry Is


There have been times this year that Golden State Warrior’s star Stephen Curry has looked completely unstoppable.

Sunday night against the Los Angeles Clippers was one of those times. The Warriors have the best record in the NBA, and Curry has been a big part of the team’s winning ways. He is definitely in the MVP race as well.

And even though Golden State head coach Steve Kerr gets to see Curry play on a nightly basis, he is still amazed by what the guard can do. The best example of Curry’s wizardry this weekend was a play in which he managed to dribble around and through four different Clippers defenders with a series of slick ball-handling moves, one of which was a behind-the-back dribble.

And to put an exclamation point on the entire play, Curry faded back and drilled a three point shot, which had everyone in disbelief.

Kerr grabbed his head in amazement and simply laughed at what an incredible play it was. It’s good to be a coach when you have someone like Curry on the court, isn’t it Steve?

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