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Cavaliers Boast The NBA’s Biggest Scoreboard

As if it wasn’t enough that the NBA’s best player LeBron James is returning to Cleveland this year, fans now have another reason to buy tickets.

According to the Cavs brass, the arena is now equipped with the biggest scoreboard of any other NBA arena.

The arena now has two video screens at the center, that are both about 30 feet high and 33 feet wide. That’s not all, they also now have two sideline video screens that are 31.5 feet high and 56.6 feet wide to boot.

Fans will be able to see these gigantic scoreboards for the first time when the Cavs open up their season hosting the New York Knicks.

With James back and huge free agent pickup Kevin Love secured, not to mention all new jerseys, the Cavs are certainly preparing themselves to make a title run this year, and to also do it in style.

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