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Cash Kings: 12 Grossly Overpaid NFL Football Players


2. Ricky Jean-Francois, DT Indianapolis Colts

Here is another classic example of overpaying for a player that is not that special. Sure, the Colt will need all the help that they can get on defense, but you’d wonder if they were able to find help a little cheaper. What they are paying Jean-Francois is way too much. He is a fine defensive back, but nothing more than that. And that’s not just the analysts and experts talking.

You can take a look at the stats and you will see immediately that there is nothing even remotely impressive about the numbers that he has been putting up. He is an “okay” player – plain and simple. But he is getting paid a lot more money that most players of his status are ever going to see. According to the latest contract that he signed, Jean-Francois will be getting $5.5 million a year from the Colts.

And his stats in 2013 are very average. He had, in total, only 5.5 sacks, which is way too low for a defensive end earning that much. Also, he only had 68 tackles in the year.

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