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Cash Kings: 12 Grossly Overpaid NFL Football Players

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    Stating that

    6. Jerome Felton, FB Minnesota Vikings is over paid for being a blocking fullback proves you know words but not the game. The two most important things in football are blocking and tackling and all the kids I coached know that and well.

  • justin lecroy

    I like the list as a whole but Felton isn’t a bad deal. Just ask AP.

    • iolaisinwisconsin

      Agreed. AP is almost Superman. But since he isn’t actually Superman, he needs Jerome.

  • Troy

    Larry Fitzgerald is worth every penny. He is HOF quality the first year he played in the league. He is the best reciever to play the game, not Rice, Gordon, Irvin or all the other thugs and malcontents.

    • Mike

      While I’ll agree Larry is worth every penny, saying he’s the best receiver to play the game is a bit of a stretch. One of the best? Sure why not. But to compare against Rice? You’re very delusional (or a rapid Arizona Cardinal fan)

  • Christian Peterson

    Extremely pedestrian Rick Spielman, Vikes “GM” who signed Carlson, et al, has made one pitiful signing after another..yet somehow he remains in good standing with his job… Hard to believe, but it certainly appears the Vikes ownership (Wilf’s) is actually more clueless than the Bozo pulling the trigger on these moves… UGH!….

  • Anthony Hutchinson

    the 2014 NFL cap tracker doesn’t even have the Chicago Bears defensive cap at 45 million so how does Julius Peppers make 90 million a year? Must be a typo!

  • Anthony Hutchinson

    This is incorrect, Peppers makes less than 13.5 million in 2014, no where close to 90 million. come on guys! pay a little more attention. and my last comment is awaiting moderation. LOL ok

  • Gregory Stanford

    3.25 is too much for a punter? These writers are idiots. A good punter can decide games, and it’s a bargain compared to other difference makers; 3.25 doesnt take much away for a game changer. And why do they feel a fulback can’t be paid a lot? I’d pay double the average for players at those usually low-paid positions- kicker, punter, fullback, and tightend

  • DC

    Are you kidding me with the Kareem Jackson? He’s gotten considerably better every single season. Yeah, $10mil is a bit much, but remember that he’s still on his rookie salary from the last year of the old CBA – any rookie drafted in the first round of that year is probably getting paid as much. Honestly he was the best cornerback on the Texans last year – he outplayed Jonathan Joseph and his cap hit is a good million under Joseph’s.

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