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Cash Kings: 12 Grossly Overpaid NFL Football Players


NFL players make a lot of money, no doubt about it. Of course, only the best get the mega-deals. But sometimes, a team can overpay for a particular player. Whether it’s loft expectations that were never met, or players being paid big contracts simply because they didn’t have better options at the position, there are definitely some players that you can say aren’t really earning their big contracts.

Here are 12 NFL players that could be considered overpaid.

1. John Carlson, TE Minnesota Vikings

It’s really rare too see a tight end get paid this much, especially one that has done as little as John Carlson has in the league. But for some reason, the Vikings decided to pay him like a top receiver. He is getting $25 million for five years, and $5 million a year really is unheard of for players of his caliber, especially ones that are as injury-prone as he is.

What is even more incredible is that Carlson is not even the starting tight end. He will be playing behind Kyle Rudolph. So why would you pay a back up tight end this much? It really is pretty hard to fathom.

This makes him probably the player with making the highest amount of money that doesn’t really deserve it. Sure, there are plenty of marquee players that haven’t produced as much as they should have, but no one is getting paid to be a backup tight end more than Carlson is right now. And considering that he is very injury prone, we can’t say that it’s a sound investment, even for a backup.

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