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Cardinals Star Taunts Angry Raiders Fans


Arizona Cardinals defensive star Darnell Dockett was injured and in street clothes for their game against the Oakland Raiders, but that didn’t stop their fans from hurling insults at him.

However, Dockett found a way to get back at them. After the Cardinals beat the Raiders, he made sign using a marker and whiteboard and showed it to the heckling Raiders fans.

The sign said 0-6, which is the Raiders current record, being the only team in the NFL who has yet to win a game. The funniest part was that Dockett even took the time to draw a cute little frowny face inside th 0.

Responding to haters online, Dockett said that what he did was definitely not unwarranted. He said that the Raiders fans were abusive throughout the game, and even threw ice and coins at him and his teammates on the sideline. So they definitely got what they deserved in the end.

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